According to SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there were more than 1.2 million Americans in rehab in 2011. And when you factor in the increase in the number of prescription drug addictions across the country, this is a situation that has only gotten worse and may continue to escalate.

This is why it is essential for rehab clinics to open their doors to everyone who needs their help and why, here at the FootPrints Behavioral Health Center, we work with many insurance companies in order to help you cut costs.

Regence and Substance Abuse Recovery: Overview

Regence was one of the biggest insurance providers in the United States, and in 2013, when it merged into Cambia Health Solutions, it only continued to grow. Cambia/Regence is part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association of health insurers, which means it has a vast network of hospitals, clinics and physicians, one that extends across much of the United States.

Despite this massive reach, this health insurer is only available in four states: Utah, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Throughout these states there are over 2.5 million policyholders, and it is the biggest health insurer in both Utah and Washington.

Under the Regence name, this insurer won countless awards. Regence PPO coverage for drug addiction and Regence PPO coverage for alcohol addiction were some of the most popular in the aforementioned states, and that remains to be the case even after the merger.

Regence Coverage for Specific Addictions

There are four main plans on Regence, and these cover an array of benefits, with sliding scale of copayments and monthly fees:

  • Bronze: These plans are cheap and basic. They are ideal if you want to be covered for any unexpected eventualities, but are in relatively good health and don’t foresee any major problems. You can also add extra care options to these plans, including dental care and eye care, covering you for oral surgeries, corrective eye surgery, and more.
  • Silver: There is a good balance between acceptable copayments and low monthly fees with these plans, but they are still towards the basic end. When compared to the bronze level, you will pay more per month, but if anything happens, then your copayments will be significantly less.
  • Gold: Copayments decrease and monthly fees increase. Optional extras such as vision care and dental care are also included as standard with these plans.
  • Platinum: If you want complete coverage, then this is the way to go. You will pay much more per month, but if anything happens and if you require regular healthcare—whether in the form of operations, dental care, rehab care or mental health care—you will pay much less and save much more as a result.

Regardless of your plan, you should be covered for all of the following addictions

  • Opiates (such as heroin and prescription pain medications)
  • Amphetamines
  • Methamphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Sedatives
  • Barbiturates
  • Alcohol

These are all serious addictions, ones that can cause a lot of problems for you both physically and mentally. As a result, you should find it fairly easy to access inpatient care, during which you will be entitled to a complete range of care at any Regence accepted treatment center (such as the FootPrints Behavioral Health Center).

Regence drug rehab coverage also extends to many other substances, ones typically considered to produce little to no physical withdrawal symptoms, but ones that still demand a lot of care and attention. Addictions to the substances listed below, as well as many other substances, are more likely to result in simple outpatient care, which may also be provided by a Regence accepted treatment center:

  • Cannabis
  • Inhalants (glue, nitrous oxide)
  • Synthetic Drugs
  • Designer Drugs (bath salts)

Using Regence to Pay for Treatment

You should never make assumptions about your coverage and you should always consult with your insurance company before you make any claims. They may determine that your condition does not warrant the treatment that you think you need. You may even find that you are not as extensively covered as you think you are. Even if you are covered, then this initial consultation will help to clarify how much you need to pay and what the restrictions are on those payments.

To help you through the process, you should ask them the following questions during your consultation:

  • What addiction/rehab treatment does my plan cover?
  • Will I be entitled to the care that I want based on my circumstances and my plan?
  • How much out-of-pocket expenses will I need to pay?
  • Is there a limit to the time I can spend in rehab or the treatment I can receive while there?

“There is no stronger attachment than addiction.”

– Joseph Rain

Length and Depth of Coverage

You first step will be an assessment, during which a licensed physician will determine your current status. Depending on your plan and its allowances, this physician can be both inside the Regence network or outside of it, although that network is pretty vast.

If they determine that you are in relatively good health, are strong mentally and are addicted to a relatively harmless substance, they might suggest some simple outpatient treatment. If you are addicted to a dangerous substance, are abusing it daily and it is having a significant impact on your health and your life, then they may suggest inpatient treatment.

If you have the right policy, then you will be covered for the majority of your stay in a rehab clinic, a stay that can last for up to a few months at a time and can include everything from diet and exercise, to medication and therapy.

Rehabs for Regence

Although it is based in California, which is outside of the Regence jurisdiction, the FootPrints Behavioral Health Center is a Regence accepted treatment center and offers extensive Regence drug rehab coverage. We are a leading inpatient facility, and are therefore perfectly placed to help you with any long-term addictions, any serious addictions, and anything else affecting your health and happiness.


What are the benefits of Regence coverage for Californians?

There are no benefits for Californians where this particular health insurer is concerned, as residents of California are not able to register. However, if you are registered out-of-state and you find yourself in California, then you can take advantage of the many Blue Cross Blue Shield hospitals, clinics and physicians that are based in California.

This includes the FootPrints Behavioral Health Center, which is one of the biggest and most celebrated rehab clinics on the west coast. FootPrints BHC has helped countless addicts to find their feet again, helping them to kick their addictions, to tackle the mental and physical issues that those addictions caused, and to assimilate back into society.

What are the treatment services covered by Regence?

As mentioned above, Regence policyholders must reside within the states of Utah, Idaho, Washington or Oregon, but they will be covered for treatment wherever they are in the world. These treatments are extensive and include all of the following:

  • Vision Care
  • Medical Check-ups
  • Operations
  • Medications
  • Rehab Stays
  • Mental Health Service

Where can I learn more?

Insurance policies involve a lot of technical lingo that many of us are just not used to. It’s something we only encounter when we apply for insurance, buy a house, file for a divorce or try to signup to Apple iTunes. It can be confusing, and it can be daunting. So, you’re not alone if you feel a little intimidated by it, and we would be happy to help you if you’re struggling. You can contact us here, asking us any questions that you have or arranging an appointment with one of our specialists.

You can also put your questions to Regence, who are typically very good at alleviating customer concerns.




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