There for you through all stages of recovery.

At Footprints BHC, we help clients through all phases of the recovery process. Our goal for you is life long sustainable recovery.

Our centers are Joint Commission JCI/JHACO accredited and State-licensed. We have staff ready to help around the clock. Regardless of the type of addiction, we have effective levels of care that are uniquely designed to help patients regardless of their phase.

Licensed Detox – Medically Managed

Footprints BHC offers sub-acute detox care for a wide variety of addictions. Whether you have a problem with benzodiazepine addiction, alcohol addiction, heroin addiction, or any other harmful substance, our detox program has been designed to help you safely withdraw comfortably and with dignity.

In our licensed sub-acute detox facility, we use a range of different techniques that have been proven to help patients comfortably withdraw from their drug of choice. From medication to therapy, we have all the right tools to create a perfect mix that will allow you to be drug free.

Our Detox program is covered by most major insurance companies.

Residential Treatment

Our licensed residential care program is designed to provide clients with a 24/7, safe and structured environment to explore the root cause of their addictive behavior.

Residential care is typically 30-90 days structured to provide education, therapy, counseling, groups and activities to give you additional insight into the disease of addiction. In our residential center, you will learn tools to manage stress as well as adopting new coping skills to assist you in long-term recovery.

Our beautiful residential facility was built and designed for comfort. We offer a calm and serene environment for residents to commit to the treatment process. At Footprints BHC we believe in the continuum of care, and each client receives an individualized treatment plan to meet their specific needs.

Our highly credentialed staff are experts in addiction recovery work. You can expect engaging and motivated counselors all invested in your success.

Day Treatment

Our Day Treatment is an outpatient program for those who need safety structure and support, but do not require the structure of the residential program.

Day treatment is typically 6-8 hours per day, 5-7 days per week. Clients are encouraged to participate in our specialized relapse prevention groups and therapy, learning and identifying coping skills needed to maintain long term recovery.

Participants of the Day Treatment program either live at home or live in an off-site sober boarding environment while attending Day Treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Tailored according to each individual client’s needs, our Intensive Outpatient program allows you to continue receiving therapy on an outpatient basis.

Footprints BHC understands that being sober is the first step, so we offer continued support to ensure that our clients smoothly transition back into the community in a productive and meaningful manner.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more details about our levels of care. Change starts here.


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