Recovery starts here
At Footprints BHC, we understand that every person is unique. Whether it’s different backgrounds or life circumstances that have played a part in someone’s substance abuse and/or addiction issues, we utilize a highly individualized approach at Footprints BHC to help. When you come to Footprints BHC, you benefit from personalized treatment planning for substance abuse and mental health concerns taking into account factors, such as substance abuse history, lifestyle, health concerns and home environment.

Focused care

When in treatment, you will partner with a dedicated counselor, who is supported by a team of behavioral healthcare experts who develop your personalized treatment plan. Through individual and group therapy sessions along with education about substance abuse, you’re empowered to work through the underlying issues contributing to your substance abuse issues.

Multifaceted approach

Footprints BHC provides effective, personalized treatment that gives individuals the tools and knowledge necessary to manage addiction issues on an on-going basis. Our comprehensive approach includes:

  • Substance abuse education.
  • Group counseling.
  • Individual counseling (Residential Treatment).
  • Medication assisted treatment to reduce or eliminate cravings and withdrawal symptoms for alcohol, heroin and opiate dependency.*
  • Integrated therapy for underlying mental health concerns or cooccurring disorder, such as: depression, anxiety, trauma and mood disorder.
  • Family counseling and education.
  • Relapse-prevention education and aftercare recovery support programs.

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