At FootPrints BHC, we offer a full spectrum of drug detox and alcohol recovery services to our clients. Just like no two individuals are the same, their individual recovery process is not necessarily the same either.

Since everyone has different needs that come from different circumstances, our programs are designed to fix the root of each client’s addiction problem, regardless of what phase or state they are in. We will never try to make our client adjust to our program, but instead, modify the program to fit the client’s needs.

Please refer to the following list of programs we offer:

Learn more about our programs.

Dual Diagnosis Program

When you come to FootPrints Behavioral Health Center seeking help for your substance abuse problem, you will be thoroughly evaluated for co-occurring disorders by a team of experts with an extensive background in dual diagnosis treatment.

After the evaluation process is complete, you’ll consult with the counselors, physicians, nurses and psychiatrists assigned to support your recovery and restore you to optimal health. If co-occurring mental health disorders are discovered, they will explain to you what this means and encourage your input. You’ll then share in the creation of a comprehensive, integrated treatment regimen that will help you make a complete and sustainable recovery from addiction, even as you learn to recognize and more effectively manage your mental health issues.

Group & Individual Therapy

FootPrints BHC offers group and individual therapy. Each type has its own benefits since being in a group allows you to discover others who are going through the same strife.

This makes you aware of the fact that you’re not alone in this battle. At the same time, it also helps you feed off other people’s positive energy, which in turn will help you mange your addictions.

On the other hand, our individual therapy allows you to reveal whatever is on your mind, even if it’s highly personal and sensitive. Our counselors are trained and licensed experts who will help you uncover underlying issues that may have caused your addiction.

This is one of the first steps to being drug or alcohol free.

Holistic Treatment Program

No treatment is effective or lasting unless it follows a holistic approach. At FootPrints BHC, we realize that more than anyone, which is why our clients laud the multi-tiered approach we take to ending addiction.

We utilize the best in medicine and supplements to ensure that any chemical imbalance is countered immediately.

Additionally, our professional counselors are available round the clock to help clients talk through their emotions. This two-pronged strategy covers both physical and psychological fronts when battling addiction.

Living in Balance Program

Produced by Hazelden, the Living in Balance program is tried and tested to ensure a high level of success when kicking a habit.

FootPrints BHC uses this effective program, combining 12 step/cognitive behavioral and holistic principles.

We teach the basics principles of recovery along with educating on addiction and the impact it has on the body, mind, and soul.

Pain Management Program

Breaking free of any addiction often leads to both physical and emotional pain.

FootPrints BHC experts have just the right treatments and medication available to make the rehabilitation process as trouble-free and painless as possible.

Extended Care Program

While all our detox programs are known to be highly effective, there is always a minor chance of relapse in case our clients decide to go back to their addiction. In order to prevent this, we have the Extended Care Program, which ensures that you stay addiction-free and live a happy life.

See how you can improve your life or the life of a loved one by contacting an expert at FootPrints BHC today. We are available 24/7 to assist you or your loved one. Call us and be free from the grips of addiction at FootPrints BHC.

Aftercare Services

Continuing care after inpatient treatment has been completed is essential in maintaining sobriety and continuing the development of sober life skills. FootPrints Behavioral Health offers Intensive Outpatient and Sober Living Programs. We work with industry professionals to provide clients and families with the treatment and aftercare they need. Our client’s graduate from our program with a comprehensive discharge and ongoing recovery plan.


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