This April marks an important time for those suffering from addiction. Counselors, addiction specialists, and sponsors have gathered in the San Diego area for the Innovations in Recovery conference, hosted by Foundations Events. Representatives from Footprints Behavioral Health are attending the conference in San Diego from April 3-6 in order to gain insight about the behavioral healthcare industry, and learn more about important addiction treatment options.

Foundations Events has a reputation of being the leader in behavioral healthcare events. Through annual national conferences, they seek to inform leaders in the behavioral health community about the newest treatment methods for addiction. They provide a valuable way for leaders in the industry to join together in becoming more educated about addiction treatments, while simultaneously providing valuable networking opportunities for those in the industry.

Innovations in Recovery is a three-day event filled with educational workshops and keynote presentations for attendees. They also provide free educational webinars for behavioral health leaders. Some of these webinars include explaining to leaders in the industry how to properly treat clients and what kind of impact the treatments process can have on the client. The overall goal of the workshops, webinars, and presentations are to teach behavioral health leaders how to most effectively treat clients, while building up the clients’ confidence so they can go on to live happy, drug and alcohol free lives.

Foundations Events also offers important educational credits at the Innovations in Recovery conference for those in the industry. These include professional certificates in behavioral healthcare for those in administration, CME credits for physicians and hospitals that need to get licensed, and CE credits for those professionals who need to maintain their licenses.

Footprints Behavioral Health is excited and honored to be able to attend this event, and hopes to gain valuable insight about addiction and addiction treatments. Representatives from Footprints will use this opportunity to build upon our various addiction treatments, and network with colleagues in the industry who can assist in providing important educational resources.

Missed the conference this year? Luckily, Foundations Events holds annual conferences and events around the country. If you are interested in becoming involved, attending a future event, or getting more information by signing up for their newsletter, visit their website. There is no better time than now for behavioral health industry leaders to learn about treatment options and how to implement them in their industry. Footprints Behavioral Health is excited to be a part of such a valuable cause.